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NIMBUS- Power Solutions

Powered Up For A Brighter Future


Nimbus Blue empowers critical infrastructure with reliable and efficient power management solutions & services ensuring highest operational availability and business competitiveness. As experts with years of experience in power electronics, we specialise in integrating broad range of AC & DC power technologies, conventional and renewable platforms to deliver customised solutions that comprehensively span business and commercial applications.


Our Commitment


Nimbus Blue team ensures provision of the most efficient, scale-able and economically viable power management solutions that meet today's demands and prepare businesses for tomorrows challenges.

For Nimbus, Service excellence is the key to providing customers with? maintenance efficiency and reduced costs for multi-brand power systems. Our end-to-end approach to project management guarantees hassle-free planning, commissioning and implementation of power projects. As an innovative power technology partner, Nimbus delivers specialised solutions and services that offer best value around reliability and sustainability of critical infrastructure.



We Keep You Operational 24/7 By Delivering Ultimate Power Solutions


Knowing that small and large enterprises depend on power they can rely on, Nimbus Blue delivers a comprehensive platform of power solutions delivers success through passionate understanding of customers' needs, delivering the ultimate power solutions and keep them operational 24/7/365.


UPS Solutions


Ensure reliability with scale-able economy. Top-notch power backup solutions that protect critical infrastructure from power failures & boost performance.



Ensuring operational resilience through reliable energy supply. Innovative technologies rapidly transforming energy storage industry; offering environmentally and economically sustainable solutions.

Voltage Optimisers


Optimising power quality for optimal productivity. State-of-the-art Voltage optimisers; safely conditioning all voltage anomalies ensuring maximum uptime and performance.

DC Power


Ensuring data and telecom systems are operating at 100% Offering high reliability DC power solutions that offer optimum energy efficiency while reducing power consumption and operating cost.

Frequency Conversion Solutions


Optimising motor control for energy efficiency Taking advantage of advanced technological motion control expertise to deliver variable frequency drives designed to ensure maximum output from AC motor applications.

Solar Solution


Upgrading sustainable business models through limitless clean energy Combining a comprehensive range solar systems into solutions delivering optimum energy, reliability and impressive returns.


Power Solutions Services


Focusing on the customers' highest operational efficiency through rock-solid backbone of always available support, Nimbus team of service driven experts are available to help you solve any type of power problem offering expertise in operations, maintenance and repairs. Maintaining uptime and availability of customers is our highest priority. From designing to optimisation, we ensure the reliability of your critical infrastructure remains at the highest. We consider ourselves as a reliable partner that will deliver a complete life cycle support to your business from pole to plug.

Led by Industry experts and backed by exceptional Service level agreements; Nimbus power solutions aim to be your most reliable partner.


  • Analysing Current Performance
  • Physical inspections
  • Power infrastructure design
  • Equipment condition
  • Environmental condition Load & Power Infrastructure
  • Recommending right solution


  • Integrating the Right Power Solution
  • Planning Installation/Up gradation
  • Integration
  • Commissioning
  • Project Management


  • Keeping Operations At 100% Service
  • Contracts Preventive Maintenance Repair & Calibration Spares & Replacements
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Extended warranties


  • Improvements for The Future Challenges
  • System Up gradation
  • Training
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • On-going technical support

Service Level agreements

  • Top-notch technical support
  • Service across Country
  • Zero downtime
  • Round the clock support
  • Automated Complaint Management System


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Would you like to take free consultation from one of our experts over the phone, email or meeting? Just submit your details in given field and Team Nimbus will be in touch as soon as possible. We look forward to working with you- Together towards exploring infinite possibilities.

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Office # F-007, Building 34, Street.37, I&T Centre, G-10/4 - Islamabad

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