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Video Surveillance - More Than Just Security for Educational Institutions

Author – Ali Raza

Education is the right of every young flourishing mind. Pakistan is among those countries with majority population comprising of young generation. Be it a school, university or madrasa; campus security of any educational institution is the top concern that requires an urgent attention in light of horrific events that happened in the past.

Campus staff and security officials cannot be present anywhere to identify and prevent any uncertain event. Video surveillance systems aim at playing a key role to providing security. However, is it just security we should be worried about? In addition to providing security, educational institutions also need to provide a safe and positive environment to enhance learning and development. Parents can have peace of mind that they are sending their loved ones to an institution which has a conducive environment and video surveillance as part of their security plan.

Educational institutions pose very unique security and surveillance challenges starting from the perimeter to the corridors and even class rooms. Let's take a look at how video surveillance technologies can play key role to preventing crimes, theft, loitering, bullying, fighting, harassment and unforeseen events.



Preventing Uncertain Events

Having the presence of security cameras around the campus can prevent criminal activity before it can happen. Most criminals prefer to attack in places where they may not be seen doing their action. Security staff can observe activity in real-time, identify and prevent any escalating situation happening on campus promptly. Alternatively, in case a student is hurt on campus, surveillance footage can help in identifying incident and persons involved.

Harassment and bullying are common and serious issues and involvement in bullying, whether as a victim, a witness, as a bully have negative outcomes on the campus environment. Video surveillance systems address the issue through identification and prevent bullying and harassment. Often students and teachers can fall prey to false allegations of inappropriate behaviour and such incidents can be validated through video recordings to protect teachers and students.


Surveillance cameras can also reduce threats of violence and vandalism. Any person planning to paint a wall, damage someone's property or break into the campus will prefer to avoid doing such an activity knowing the security staff are able to see them and will take pre-emptive measures to stop them. Educational institutions are now trainings students on measures to be taken during emergencies. Video surveillance systems help managing organised evacuations and maintaining campus security protocols.

Managing Visitor Activity

Uncommon Visitors, relatives and non-students are a daily routine at educational institutions and pose significant threat to security of students and staff. Visitors entering the campus perimeter, accessing rooms or blocks and exiting can be monitored through video management systems in security rooms. This can make it easy for security staff to identify unauthorised personnel roaming around the campus and take necessary action.

Improving Learning Environment

Besides establishing a safer classroom for students and teachers, video surveillance has significant benefits for to enhanced learning environments. Video surveillance can help observe student behaviours and enhance their teaching methods to improve quality of education. Absent students can participate classroom though live sessions or access offline sessions to keep their learning consistency on

Amplifying Security with Next Generation technologies

Implementing next generation technologies in video surveillance systems can help increased security and healthier learning on campus. Integration with public address systems can help administration to efficiently communicate with everyone on campus with announcements, deter misbehaviours or to give order to student movements. Advanced video analytics can fortify security through facial recognition, people counting and behavioural actions. Indexing faces, number plates, objects and motion, video analytics is a pre-emptive system that can identify and alert campus management and law enforcement of possible threats and unwanted personnel entering the premises. Access control can allow on certain teachers and authorised personnel to access critical areas such as labs, server rooms and record rooms.

It becomes quite evident that video surveillance solutions can monitor potentially large campus grounds effortlessly, impact unwanted activity positively and create a more secure and safe system for teachers, student and visitors.

Create Safer Learning Campuses with Nimbus Video Surveillance Solutions

With Nimbus Blue network video surveillance solutions at your side, protecting institution property, staff and students ensures greater connectivity with your security protocols ultimately establishing a safe and secure environment. Enabling flexibility at every integration ensures secure access of live feeds via mobile or fixed platforms to staff and emergency & first-responders. Scalability with smart video storage management empowers reliability and redundancy allowing staff to store recordings as long as they want over multiple locations. Unified interface through state of the art video management systems give flexibility to link analogue and digital cameras helping you make use of existing infrastructure without over spilling budgets. With campus security as top priority, Nimbus Blue delivers the confidence of better security and learning experience that future generations require.

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