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Thermal imager - An Essential tool in Fire Prevention and Disaster Management

Ali Raza

Fire represents one of the gravest threats that are being faced our Pakistani business community. Inadequacy of fire and safety measures among commercial & industrial entities and regulatory systems has placed the lives of employees and stakeholders in danger. A look at the recent statistics [1] being by Rescue 1122 revealed that more than 4,400 fire emergencies took place in commercial in awami markaz

While there have been many causes, however, one of most major and prominent causes of fire incidents raised out of electrical infrastructure. A look a 5 year study publication [2] reveals that an estimated 55% of fire incidents happened due to electrical short circuiting. While that short circuiting may be context in a wider perspective, the causes of fire in electrical infrastructure are many. Fire incidents usually occur in electrical systems due to overheating and major root causes are poor connections, insulation failures, Lightning and harmonics. Such problems are hardly visible through human eyes and are there are considerable difficulties in identifying problematic areas due to wiring complexity.

Thermography answers the problems in helping to identify root causes of overheating in electrical systems to prevent fires. Thermal imagers detect radiation in the long-infrared ranges and produce images of that radiation to identify hotspots on any surface or area. Applications of thermal imagers have dramatically has dramatically increased in commercial and industrial applications. Let’s see how thermal imager can be used in during emergencies and predictive maintenance to prevent fires before they even happen.

Fire Fightingfire fighter

In the event of fire breakout firefighters use thermal imagers to locate people, animals for immediate rescue. During overhauls, the imagers are to locate the origin of fire and extent of its spread to prevent it from escalating further.

Road accidents pose a number of invisible challenges during day and night. Fuel leakage, flammable liquids and other hazardous materials spillage cannot visibly be seen through naked eye and due their unique temperature signature, such materials can be identified to the extent of the spread. Snow and fogs cause multiple crashes during which thermal imagers can be used to immediately find children and adults for medical attention.

Forrest fires can be devastating and its far-reaching spread can have significant impact in destroying nearby locals. Thermal imagers can be used to the size up fire in order to effectively contain the situation.

Indoor & Outdoor Search & Rescue

During natural disasters, environmental factors pose significant challenges in finding and rescuing people. Search and rescue teams can use thermal imagers to efficiently heat emitted from human body and find people through areas covered in unreachable dark areas in buildings, fog and thick forests.

Industrial and Commercial Fire Preventionindustrial and commercial fire prevention

Aside from thermography’s numerous applications to maintaining equipment, processes and preventing production breakdowns, thermal imagers can save workers, employees from the danger of fire that may erupt from a small electrical problem, faulty equipment or hazardous material leakage.

Thermal imagers are routinely used to keep watch for any leakage of flammable hazardous materials. During spillage, thermal imagers with integrated IR thermometers can be used to trace from where the spillage occurred. Thermal imagers are able to differentiate materials from other surfaces which can help in timely hazmat responses.

For the last four decades electrical engineers have been using thermography primarily for electrical system inspection. Failing electrical connections can cause systems overloads and fires which can be avoided through periodical and random maintenance checks. Large electrical panels can be scanned in seconds to find potential faults that generate abnormal heat and avoid arc flash or fire incidents.

Where can I get a thermal imager camera?

Nimbus Blue is the ultimate partner in thermographic solutions. Whether your application involves Industrial diagnostics or search and rescue, we provide top-notch thermal imagers that are designed to deliver accurate results and clear visibility and enhanced thermal imaging capabilities.

Get in touch with us and we’ll help you find the right solution matching your needs.


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