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5 Reasons to Choose Long-term Service Contracts for Critical Power Assets

Author – Ali Raza

Service contracts are an excellent way to get the most out of power supply equipment while keeping interruptions and costs to a minimum. While most organisations prefer to self-maintain their power assets, they lag out on some critical maintenance factors that only independent or manufacturer authorised service providers can deliver. More and more companies are embracing managed power services through service level agreements or simply put, services contracts. Here are 5 compelling reasons to choose service contracts in the long run.


1 | Grater Uptime and Faster Support

A service contract freezes maintenance costs for desired number of years making them ideal for businesses to manage their opex and capex budgets. Combining different power backup assets to be managed by a single independent service provider means businesses also reduce expenditures in managing multiple suppliers and agreements. 

This in turn helps having faster response time in case of any breakdown. Regular maintenance during off-peak hours will keep equipment in the best shape to minimise any detrimental effects of unexpected failures in peak hours. Priority support is one of the key elements of Nimbus power service contracts that enable our customers to have rapid response teams and backup units to keep them always ON.



2 | Coverage Regardless of Location

Businesses spanning across multiple locations need to maintain each site fully functional during and after business hours. The maintenance complexity increases with sites operating 24/7 even in remote locations increasing logistical costs and underutilising own human resources since maintenance engineers cannot be present at all sites at all times. Power services providers have dedicated engineers located across their footprint to deliver rapid response to any power interruptions while maintaining equipment periodically. Nimbus Blue is a power partner with services contracts that maintain and protect systems no matter whereever you are located in Pakistan. Dedicated logistical support with engineers ready to tackle the frequent power problems to keep your operation reliable and competitive.

3 | Technology Specialisation

From time to time, businesses choose to integrate best systems manufactured by various vendors and 

installed by different service providers to keep purchase and installation costs at lowest. However, this comes with additional training costs maintenance while keeping up to date on new technology. Service contracts place customers at ease from understanding different systems and technologies to establish best of the world's technology. An engineer dedicated to a business understands its power infrastructure, vulnerabilities and needs. Leading Power services providers such Nimbus Blue are dedicated specialists who stay continuously ahead of learning curve and advances in uninterruptible power technologies to diagnose, service, upgrade and maintain multivendor systems making it easy for customers to keep us single source partner for all their power backup equipment.


4 | Helping Businesses Focus on their Goals

An important factor underlying service contracts is the fact that service contractors ensure all equipment’s are functioning properly. They conduct preventive and predictive maintenance at desired intervals during the year. Repairs, parts replacement and system software and hardware are updated timely making sure your infrastructure is up and running at full capacity without any interruption. While the power equipment is maintained by the service provider, businesses can focus on their core functions. When choosing a service contract for your critical power systems, think of Nimbus Blue as an extension of your team who will make sure you network is always ON with complete peace of mind.


5 | Equipment Lifecycle Management

The average life of power equipment is several years affected by environmental, infrastructural and electrical distribution changes. This causes significant depreciation of components decreasing equipment life. On the other side, new power technologies offer better ways to enhance product performance and life. Through service contracts, businesses can avail these upgrades in form of new parts, components and firmware ensuring that their site has the most up to date system. Nimbus Blue service contracts provide comprehensive life cycle management services that optimise product performance and service operations to maximise uptime and revenue.

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